Father and Daughter Trip

After getting PD1 ensconced at college, PD2 and I took off for our father and daughter trip. My reader may recall the great BBQ tour three years ago that PD1 and I took. Well, this is this year’s version with my other buddy. Different trip, as different as each of my daughters, but both with the same goal; learn a little about what makes Dad tick, understand what it’s like to have a one on one relationship with a man, and all else fails, at least have a damn good time.  Early results indicate all three goals will be met.

The story of how we got here is not all that interesting, but indicative of how I do stuff.  Very little planning, let the inspiration take hold and go with what you know.  Can’t say I’d recommend this approach to everyone, but to paraprhase Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, it’s always worked for me.

This last spring we participated in a charity auction, and while reviewing the stuff up for auction, PD2 and I came upon a week in SF at somebody’s condo. Immediately, we decided that this would be our trip! As luck would have it, another guy had his eye on the same item and bidding became a bit competitive. Sadly, the poor bastard never saw me coming and really didn’t have a hope in hell of reigning in our mano y mano showdown and just ended up humiliated in front of his family in route to costing me a few extra dollars! Hey, it was a trip for my daughter with the proceeds going to a good cause. What is a dude to do?

So, as PD 2 says, “we won” and we now find ourselves in the city by the bay. You know, I really like Cali, and the SF locale is a personal fave. But, is it just me or does SF always let you down a bit? For such a nice city, the seediness is just a bit too close to the surface and the grunge is a little too prevalent. Kind of what I’d expect get with a cheap hooker, which would be perfect if this was 1972, and I was Superfly.

But I’m not, and still this is a nice if not great city.  So far we’re having a great time. Haven’t gone to In n’ Out yet – that will be on Friday after visiting Stanford, and hopefully the rowing coach. So far, we’ve been to Swan Oyster Bar, The Front Porch, and Mama’s. At Swan we had crab salad, shrimp cocktail and Boston Clam Chowder. Super fresh seafood that I’d recommend set in a funky and fun dive counter. The chowder was mediocre at best, and for what we got, a little expensive overall, but still worth a visit.

There is a couple things you should know about PD2. First and foremost is that she is going to be a star. Seriously. Now, I get that this is unusual enough of a statement to write with such certitude, but then it you consider that she has know obvious talent like musical prodigy, or sports heroics, well then you have to wonder. Still, if I know one thing, it is that PD2 will be a star. She has that “it” thing. Ask her and she’ll tell you. “I don’t think I’m being funny, but people laugh” is something she says quite often. This year for example she started crew. Considered a goof at first, she became the spiritual leader of the team by the end of the season. The coach had “I’m just saying'” tags made for everyone’s gear bags (Pd2’s signature statement), and she ended up on more boats than anyone on the team because of her ability and ferocious competitive desire. It’s a familiar pattern; people under estimate her, start to love her, an then find her at the front of the pack and happily follow her.

Oh yes, she will be a star. My guess? Her own talk show titled, “I’m just Sayin'”

Another thing to know about PD2? World’s foremost fan of Chicken and Waffles. True fact. So, when I found out that Monday night at Front Porch was Chicken and Waffles night, our dinner plans were set.

Front Porch is an interesting place. Out on 29th street, it’s in a fairly young area with a clientele that appealed to both of us. Our waitress was a lovely lass, who kind of dug that dad and daughter were out for the night. Sidebar: were I a less principled guy this whole gambit would be quite lucrative…if you know what I’m sayin’!

Anyway, the waitress had this cutesy little dress on that fit her athletic figure beautifully. I commented to PD2 that she, no doubt, would know the best vintage shops in town. PD2 corrected me and pointed out that the dress was likely H&M or Forever 21, but none the less agreed that we’d get a good lead on vintage shopping for Wednesday.

Turns out we were correct, and she directed us to Valencia and 16th streets as well as Waistland in Haight. So, that is where we’re headed tomorrow.

Oh, the Chcken &Waffles? Friggin’ awesome, I’m a total convert! Pics below. Tonight it was Gary Danko. Will post the results at another time. Stay tuned!

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