My Infra-Red Life

Interesting week. Started off at work well as I am making great progress in getting stuff that came with the new job under control. Went home Monday and Tuesday night to practice soccer with PD1, to get her ready for her collegiate career. Then dropped her at school, where it sounds like first practices are going well. Next up was a trip to a potential business opportunity for some interesting talks, and now back home.

Candidly, I feel a bit like the picture above. My infrared life, from the back of the car taking me home. A lot of change going on, all of it good, but right now I’m a bit tired, in the process of adjusting to a new normal without my little buddy, PD1, around here and things seem a bit colorless.  Gawd, I could use a killer workout right about now to feel whole!

Or… maybe dinner and drink. Ya, that’s it, then tomorrow, a good hour of P90, followed by pilates with Mrs. Pursuit.

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