Pizza On The Grill…Er, Almost!

I noted below that for PD 1’s going away party we were going to do pizza on the grill and have the Pursuit clan over for a little soiree.  Tragically, as it turned out, we had a touch of rain, and I really didn’t feel like getting wet cooking pizza on the grill, so we moved it in house – the pizza that is, not the grill!

Doing pizza on the grill is really rather easy; you get your dough ready, which in my case is a proprietary blend of all purpose flour, wheat flour and cornmeal, fire up a minimum number of coals and keep them on one side of the grill, and get your toppings properly positioned for fast work.  While not difficult, the labor intensiveness and positioning of ingredients really does not lend itself to in-rain grilling.

Which is ok, because using the broiler on my new Wolf masterpiece turns out a very nice pie….or in our case last Saturday, eight very nice pies!  The process was simple.  Once the broilers were at temperature, I rolled the dough out, two at a time and pre-flamed my wafer thin shapes.  This takes about 2-3 minutes per side at a pretty hot broiler.  Then, having stored all my crispy crusts nearby, I took two at a time and put toppings on and rebroiled for about one minute each.  As each came out I served and went back to the oven cooking more pizza’s.

The toppings?  Man, anything you can dream up generally works!  I kept it pretty standard on Saturday since we had the Grandparents over.  Pizza’s included, Artichokes, pesto, pepperoni and cheese (asiago and parmasean on all), sausage, tomato sauce, onion and roasted peppers on another.  In the past I’ve found that pesto, pine nuts, blue cheese and spinach works, or really any other combination.  A general rule I use that seems bullet proof, is that if you think it will make a decent pasta combo, it should do just as well on a pie.

Pics below, enjoy!

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