Sunday Dinner

A terrific success for dinner tonight!  Recently I was bemoaning to Mrs. P that I’ve become a recipe follower.  Nothing wrong with that, and truthfully, I’m quite good even if I’m following somebody else’s recipe.  Two cooks, following the same steps can produce results that are wildly disparate simply due to ability around technique, taste and experience.  More often than not, my results are quite good.

None-the-less, I felt the need to exercise my creativity a bit, a prove, to myself if nobody else, that I had the chops to come up with a good meal.  The result:  Pan Roasted Halibut on a Bed of Pea Puree Topped with a Salad and Vinaigrette.  I started with about a pound and a half of Halibut and set my oven to 500 degrees.  Step one was to puree about two cups of peas mixing in about a tablespoon of fresh ginger, some water (to get the right consistency) and salt and pepper.

I then fried 4 strips of apple wood smoked bacon and chopped them up into small bits, reserving the grease.  Next up, saute over reasonably high heat, the Halibut – which had been salt and peppered – in the bacon grease.  I only did one side and after about four minutes, I flipped the fish and put it into the oven for roasting.  Five minutes on the roast and it was ready to go.

To serve, I spread out approximately two tablespoons of puree on each plate, one third of the fish on each and then topped the fish with about a tablespoon of the bacon bits.  On top of that I put the salad – I would have preferred micro greens here – and then dressed with a table spoon of vinaigrette.   Truly awesome stuff.

So, I’m fully satisfied AND my culinary chops are back on display for the full family to see.  Even if it was only me who questioned them.

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