Anniversary Celebration

Well, Mrs P and I celebrated 25 years of wedded bliss last night.  Our real anniversary is on Tuesday, but who wants to do the big do on Tuesday night?  So we left the girls to themselves – the house seems to have survived -and spent the night at the Peninsula in Chicago.

We arrived around mid-day, and decided to walk down to Millennium Park to take some pics and see if we could hear some of the tunes from Lalapalooza waft our way.  Success on both counts!  The Park was beautiful and I got a couple nice snaps.

After leaving the park, we headed back towards the hotel and ran into the “Aqua” which is a residential tower that stands near the lake and river where there once was a par three golf course.  Appropriately named wouldn’t you say?

Finally, in a bit of wedding/anniversary simitry, we ran into a wedding party taking pictures.  Wonder what this couple will be doing  in 25 years?!  Heck, for that matter, I wonder what we’ll be doing in 25?!  By the way, don’t you just love her dress?

After returning to the hotel, we donned our anniversary best and went out for the night.  Drinks in the Peninsula Bar, followed by dinner at Spiaggia.  The cool thing was that 26 years ago, when we go engaged, we had dinner at the then new Spiaggia.  It was great to return and we had a lovely meal.

We left the restaurant a little after midnight and had a nice walk back down Michigan Avenue to our hotel.  It was a nice evening and a great way to commemorate our time together.  It’s funny how much has changed and how much is really very similar.  I think about that couple in the pic above.  They’re just starting on their journey and it is tempting to be just a bit envious of the life and adventures before them.  Still, I wouldn’t change places with them.  We have the perspective that only comes with time and experience.  We also have the closeness that two people share when they’ve gone through life’s challenges and successfully navigated the crazy, unpredictable turns that come along the way.

I hope that couple above has the same success, and I look forward to another 25 with Mrs. P.  Perhaps we’ll all see each other again in 25!

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