Almost in the city. This is the Clybourn stop, which is the last before Northwestern station. Great jocularity right now on the train as the engineer just made an inadvertant announcement over the PA system that went like this:

“oh, oh”

Terrific. Reminds me of the Far Side cartoon where the pilot is screaming , oh the fuel light is on, we’re all going to die! Oh, my mistake, that’s the PA”

Busy day today, but most important activity? Buying the 25th anniversary baubles for Mrs. P

Update: Success!

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2 Responses to Clybourn

  1. Eva says:

    Hey, I want to see the baubles!

  2. pursuer444 says:

    Heh, ok, I’ll post. Cost me a small fortune, so just say you really like them!

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